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First Home, First time appliance purchases, Help please!

9 years ago

Hello everyone. My husband and I are purchasing our first home, and we need to purchase appliances. The current appliances are 'Caloric' brand (never heard of them!) and there is no fridge at present.

Due to budget constraints, we have to stay in the lower tier of pricing for appliances, but still want stainless steel. Our new counters are 25" deep, and the spot for the stove is 30" wide.

We visited our local Sears Outlet for scratch and dent counter-depth refrigerators and are pretty sure we can come up with something to stay in budget, but for the stove I was checking out the KitchenAid Architect 2 series KGRS308BSS.

Anyone have this stove or that style? Our musts for a range include gas, 5 burners (one with griddle) and affordable. LOL... not too complicated. I've never used a convection oven, so I'm a little nervous about buying that over conventional, but my mother assures me that my grandmother loved her convection counter-top appliance (she had an electric stove) and she's heard nothing but good things about them.

Any thoughts and recommendations would be appreciated, as we're also looking to purchase an OTR microwave and dishwasher, both stainless as well.

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