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gas range, monster grates

10 years ago

I'm shopping for a new gas range. I consider myself an "enthusiast." My budget, though, is maybe $1000. I'd like to buy something that's solidly built, doesn't get hot to the touch when the oven is on, accommodates a wok, and is easy to clean. Chicken nugget buttons make me cringe, but I'd endure a feature or two that I don't need to get the ones I do. What I'm finding in my research is that the higher you go in the price scale, the harder it is to avoid a 5th burner and those steroidal, continuous grates, which I suspect are a quasi-pro affectation. Do folks like them well enough that you don't miss the spoon rest real estate? Do you use that oval burner? Is it a pain to clean the stove top when you have to juggle all that cast iron? How does one use a wok? And do you end up burning more fuel to do the same amount of cooking with the pots riding so high above the flame?


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