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Pre-Build Logistics-- when to buy plans & a few more questions

8 years ago

This may seem like a silly question, but we plan to begin our first build in about 6-9 months and I'm a bit confused on where to begin. We have finally found a plan we love and fairly certain it's "the one", but I'm concerned it will come out a bit above our budget (based on sq footage and trim). Do I need to purchase plans before I get estimates from builders? Or can I just show them the general floor plan and explain our "vision" for finishes? And if we do need to purchase plans before estimates, what if the estimates come out higher than our budget-- did we just waste several thousand dollars on plans?

Follow-up: Is there a more accurate way to estimate cost to build aside from regional averages? We're in Texas, and according to what I've read "average" builds are $75-$85 per heated sq foot. The house we want to build is 2780 sg ft (see link). We would finish the bonus space ourselves later. Our tastes are not high-end, but we do appreciate some added character in trim, etc. I would say we come out just a bit above the "average" range in terms of finishes due to our willingness to sacrifice in some areas for what we want, as well as being good bargain shoppers. Is it safe to guess our build would come out around $250k or less?

Any insight would be appreciated!

Here is a link that might be useful: Probable Floor Plan

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