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Dodge59 - Valor heating appliance ?s

10 years ago


I have Valor-related questions, and since it is a "heating appliance," I hope it's not too off-topic to post here... ;-) I would've emailed, but your member page doesn't have that option.

I have read how happy you are with your Valor and that it heats 2700 sq ft. But you never share what model it is, and I was hoping I might get that from you, and maybe how you decided on that one.

I've been looking on their website, but am confused about where to start and how to narrow down to what we need. The nearest dealer is a ways from me and I want to do some research and have ideas of what I might want before I am at the mercy of a salesperson. Our home is also about 2700 sq ft. Since it's 2 story, we might want something smaller than yours, though, so as not to be blown out of the main floor?


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