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KitchenAid Freestanding Range Help

16 years ago

Building a new house and have settled on most all appliances but have gotten stuck deciding on a range. As we are going with KitchenAid for the fridge, OTR, and DW, I really want to go with them for the range also but can't quite pull the trigger.

Criteria are gas, convection, free-standing, 30" and under $2000. Because of some awesome rebate deals with KA right now, the KERS807S looks really tempting. Problem is that I've not see many good reviews on KA ranges. Most are on older models and while I want to believe that they've fixed the issues (and have read on the KA forums that they have - just don't trust such things posted on a corp site) but cannot find up to date reviews.

Anyone have knowledge of one of these beasts?

Backup plan at this point is a lower-end Bosch that has very similar features. Price is slightly higher and it won't match quite as well, but performance trumps looks (within reason...).

Please help! My wife is tired of weekly runs to the store to look at the same ranges yet again..

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