Jennair V. Bosch 36" Induction and Double Wall Ovens

7 years ago

Hi Gardenwebbers,

I'm a first-time poster who has gleaned a TON of information from Gardenweb over the past month for an upcoming kitchen remodel. Thanks to each of you who has shared your wisdom on this site. I can't find the answers to my specific appliance questions in existing so I'm hoping some of you may be able to help.

Background: We are doing a full kitchen remodel. I'm trying to decide between an all Jenn-Air kitchen or Jenn-Air refrigerator with Bosch cooktop, ovens, and dishwasher. (I am really sold on the Jenn-Air 42' fridge for price and configuration.)

We had originally planned for the Jenn-Air 36" Induction Cooktop (JIC4536XB), Jenn-Air 30" double convection ovens (JJW2830WP), and Jenn-Air dishwasher (JDB8700AWP) because Jenn-Air is offering a free dishwasher with purchase of the cooktop and ovens. However, some of the reviews I read on the Jenn-Air cooktop gave me pause. One specific concern is about the cooktop beeping if a pan is resting on an "off" sensor (e.g. taking a finished dish out of the oven and setting it on the cooktop to cool, something I often do). The JennAir rep. says it "shouldn't" beep if the offending pan isn't near the control panel, but to be 100 percent sure, I should lock the controls before setting anything down to cool. Considering I often cool/cook simultaneously on my current electric cooktop, I don't find this response reassuring (because I can't cook if the control panel is off). I've also read complaints about the sensors not responding to smaller pans.

These concerns led me to the Bosch 36" Flex Induction Cooktop (NITP666SUC). It accommodates smaller pans, and I can't find any complaints about annoying beeping, although it is a newer model so there aren't many reviews yet. The sensors are based on Thermador's "Freedom" induction technology without the hefty $5k price, so smaller pans also should not be an issue.

The Bosch package incentives aren't as generous as what Jenn-Air offers (10 percent rebate when you purchase three Bosch appliances). Plus, the Bosch cooktop is more expensive ($2,799 v. Jenn-Air's $2,049). Thus, to stay on budget, I might have to sacrifice convection in the bottom oven and go with the Bosch 30" double oven with top convection only (HBL8651UC). The pricier option would be the Bosch 30" double oven with convection in both (HBLP651UC).

I know that Bosch dishwashers are supposed to be the best, but given that dishwashers are (relatively) inexpensive and easier to replace, I am prioritizing the cooktop and wall ovens now. I'd love to have the Bosch dishwasher, but need to keep my eye on overall appliance budget. (If the free Jenn-Air dishwasher dies in a year, but I love my Jenn-Air ovens and cooktop, I can live with that because, hey, the dishwasher was free to begin with.)

So here are my questions:
-Anyone have any experience (good or bad) with the Jenn-Air 36" induction or Bosch Flex Induction cooktops? Jenn-Air v. Bosch double ovens?
-Do I really need convection in the bottom oven (I have never had convection before but am told it's a must-have at least in the top cavity).
-Am I crazy to forego a Bosch dishwasher in the name of "free"?

Thanks in advance for your input.

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