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Can I put a timer on my teenage daughter's shower?

14 years ago

This is not a joke, but my DD thinks that a 30 minute shower is normal. Water is very high priced where we live and I need a way to cut the water off after a reasonable time. I'm thinking 8 minutes during the week and 15 minutes on the weekend. Our only saving grace now is the hot water heater drains and then she gets out. I'm not always at home when she showers so it's not just a matter of telling her to get out. She is a good kid and generally does do what we tell her, but for some reason just gets lost in the shower. At our new house we were going to put in a tankless water heater and I'm seriously afraid that she'll never get out and we'll have a $400 water bill. I know in Europe the showers (especially in the hostels and cheap places where we stayed) were on a timer. Are these products available in the US? Any suggestions?

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