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New construction bathroom layout help needed, please

10 years ago

We have just started our build and we still have time to redesign our master bath. We are looking for assistance as currently the layout doesn't meet our ever changing needs, privacy as well as aging, lol.
Some information: live in south, coastal house designed with southern exposure, late afternoon hot sun sets in back left corner of house. That's why we put non living area there. We both work and get ready in the am, so some shower and toilet privacy would be preferable while we are getting dressed esp with the closet where it is. We are also thinking of the future making sure everything is accessible by wheelchair/walker etc (I'm a home health physical therapist)
Changes we are looking to do is an enclosed toilet room, get rid of the tub, use space for shower/toilet/STORAGE etc.

We have come up with some ideas and are starting to loose creativity, not to mention having a difficult time with taking drawings and putting in real life. I will add a picture of what we have considered to date from a design app if possible.

We really appreciate your help. Merry Christmas
Scott & Kirsten

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