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Can I get an opinion on the exterior?

9 years ago

My husband and I are working on plans with a home designer. She's been great and really patience with us.

We've had about three different elevations so far and I like the last one best but still need some revisions.
We are looking for a Töeöxöaösö öHöiölölö öCöoöuönötöröyö öSötöyölöeö öHöoömöeö (Now I'll just called it TIKI'S JACKED UP MESS that she calls Texas Hill Country Style Home)LOL. Made mostly stone on the front and brick on the three sides. The house will sit on 5 acres facing North. We also live in south Texas.

This is the second elevation she did for us. We did not like!

This is the third elevation and the one we liked best.

And this is what I've changed using MS paint. You can see the changes in the roofline. I still need to decide on the type of dormer I want. The double window or single window. Ugh I don't know. I also want to raise the garage roof. There is suppose to be a bonus room up there.

Last but not least the floor plan which are not finalized. Well the exterior shape of the house is. There's a few minor tweaking still needs to be done.

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