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Range Hood for a Challenging Vintage Kitchen

13 years ago

Well we're stumped and hoping someone has some good ideas for us! My employer is renovating our founder's original homestead. The cottages share one small kitchen and are used by employees as a retreat on an intermittent basis with anywhere from 2 - 20 people staying there at a time.

We purchased a BigChill refrigerator and a restored 40" 1952 O'Keefe and Merritt stove (six burners of unknown BTUs). The stove sits between the refrigerator and a soon-to-be installed floor cabinet and there is less than 2" of clearance between the refrigerator and stove. There are no cabinets on the wall at all, and the ceiling is high. (See photo below)

The kitchen cottage has never had a ventilation system, and the accumulation of grease (mostly bacon and steaks) on the walls, ceiling and fans, is, um, significant.

So our CEO, being grossed out by the grease, is interested in installing a ventilation system and here are our challenges:

We have a limited budget, so would like to keep it under $1000. In that price range, we think we're most likely to find a wall-mount, chimney-style hood (unless someone can point me elsewhere!). The hood can vent through the roof (there is an attic above the ceiling). Even though we understand it is best to have 3" on each side of the range, it wont work, so we are probably looking at a 40 - 42" hood. Since the appliances & retro fans are vintage white, we'd prefer a white hood, but stainless to match the chrome would work too. Maximizing the ability to capture grease, and minimizing sound would also be great to the extent possible, given our challenges! The cottage is not remotely air-tight, and has windows in the kitchen that are almost always cracked, even in winter.

Any suggestions (besides not cooking bacon!)?

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