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Bill Vincents FAQ

Lyban zone 4
13 years ago


I now have a combo bath/shower that is enclosed with tile on three sides. This is a 1944 house and I do not know if the bath is original to house or not. The tile was put up by previous owner only a few years ago but there is we suspect a small leak somewhere because the kitchen is getting a very small amount of water in ceiling once in awhile. we cannot find out why or even when. So since we are going to redo that bathroom I guess we really should take tub out and walls and start fresh. My question is I have seen some of Bill's FAQ which are so nice to have but for this particular job is there a FAQ page. Meaning when I am down to the studs what is my first steps and then next steps. I see alot of posts about builing stand up showers but this is for a combo tub/shower and I do not know if we start off with same type of backerboard or whatever you call it. I think if space allows we might also want to build in a small tiled niche if that is not too difficult a job.

So if anyone can direct me to posts or just answer my questions here I would be very grateful.

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