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Dacor 48 inch or Wolf 60 inch?

15 years ago

Greetings from TX!

I've been lurking on these forums for a while now, as I go through the FUN and HARROWING process of designing our new home. I must say, this place has been a boon for me; already so many questions I've had have been answered and have helped us in this process. So, rather than just give a light greeting, I'm going to dive right in w/my dilemma :)!

I do have one question that is keeping me up at night; I posted a similar question in the building a home forum, too:

We are trying to pick a range size and brand. What has happened is, our builder gets some great deal w/Dacor, so price installed is much cheaper than if we were to go out on our own and get the appliances. I had my heart set on a Wolf 60-inch range (we have a large family and I do use double ovens more than once a the look of a range...), but was o.k. w/Dacor, until I found out a few days ago they are discontinuing their 60-inch model.

SOOO, here are my questions:

1. Does one brand do better than the other? I've run numerous searches on this, checked all sorts of feedback/opinion polls, but I guess I don't feel I have a really good, solid answer. I hate to let go of a good price because I see stars when I look at a Wolf (but could be just as happy w/Dacor).

2. If Dacor is as good (or maybe, even better), do I take advantage of the discounted prices and get a 48-inch range? Is that mini-oven really very useful at all? I could get a wall oven as well, but then am I going to be inundated w/appliances in my kitchen? Is that overkill?

3. One of the things I love about the Wolf is the variety of options for designing the cooktop; I would love a full griddle if we got one. I did read on here somewhere that someone thought those were hard to clean and got stinky after a while. Would I just be better off w/all burners (and, in that case, a Dacor)?

4. We are also wanting to either do a 48-inch fridge OR the large, all-fridge/all-freezer columns from SZ. Okay, you can tell I struggle with making decisions...:) If I get the big columns, will I again be appliance-heavy if I also have the huge 60-inch range?

All of these decisions have to be made now to draw out the cabinet design and appliance layout. I of course can change things afterward, to a point, but will pay $$$. If anyone here has any insight on the Dacor or Wolf or experience w/the bigger ranges in general, I'd be eternally grateful for your thoughts.

Thank you so much!!

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