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Low Maintenance home ideas/building ideas?

12 years ago

Well we have 3 children and while I am not lazy both of us work and we have 1 1/2 acres. I do landscaping so I have that covered, going with shrubs, small trees that require min maintenance, and in ground water coverage via fed well.

I have done some construction and have seen some great ideas on here. Particularly low maintenance, are there any ideas you would add if you were building?

So far, sockets on back of home both sides for power

3 exterior faucets, one on the back of lot near well

Sockets on front under overhang for christmas lights

Bathroom wall panels, possibly granite or some other material

Stained concrete through out the entire house "in Texas hence well get a benefit from cooling" and will use rugs in high traffic areas

I can really score on the AC and Hot water heater as I am friends with a dealer

I personally want 3/4 ply here 20$ a sheet in bulk to take up the entire attic and stairs from the garage to go up into one attic that way it would be extra entire house storage.

My wife was thinking of a pulley/cleat system on a 4x8 ply, that would be cool for seasonal decorating I suppose or for older couples if reselling instead of constantly dragging out Christmas stuff.

4 car garage with shop in 2 parts for winter woodworking when lanscapings slow.

I just wonder if anybody else has any good ideas before we start.

I am all about low maintenance and energy efficeny if the cost is right. Thanks in advance-

btw I have been buying specials on plants from local nurseries in the off season. This summer I picked 19 2 year old Bloodgood JM and nursed them back to health for 1$.

I see people all the time try to throw an entire landscape up at once and spend 15-20k when you could spend 2...

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