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Frameless glass showers: silicone gasket on door edge or no??

Stacey Collins
12 years ago

Our shower door will meet a fixed glass panel at an angle, and the glass company is including a silicone "sweep" piece not only for the bottom of the door but also for where the two glass pieces meet (on the opening side of the door.)

I understand this will make it more watertight, but won't it also sort of ruin the look of the frameless glass?

Those of you with frameless glass, do you have this thing? Can I see a photo, if so?

The glass company says I can leave it off at install, but then there'snothing to make the two glass edges align properly when closing the door (no "stop".)

What do you guys think?

(Pics of the shower in question, minus glass, can be seen in my thread below "Semi-modern bathroom tile almost done")

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