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Front Door, Porch Columns & Rails - Color?

Hi all -

Got a big house we're almost (two weeks!) done with. It has a big wraparound porch with 9x9 columns. The house itself is a sand color, with white window & door trim.

Do y'all think the porch columns and rails should be painted

the same color as the house, or the trim color? Or should the columns be painted the house color, and the rails the trim color? Or something else altogether?

Now for the front door - it has a 3/4 lite, two 3/4-lite sidelights and a transom. My missus is thinking a cranberry/wine color for the door & sidelight panels. Would you paint the trim around it white, or the house color, or the color of the door panels? My inclination here is to paint it white, but I'm not exactly Mr Design Sense.

What did y'all do?

Thanks for your input!


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