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Valve trim, vanity backsplash and tile on walk-in shower ceiling

13 years ago

1)Been searching for this oval trim but so far no luck -does anyone know which one it is?

2)My ensuite bathroom is going to be wall tiled with honed and filled ivory travertine like in the picture I've atached; the vanity's granite is going to be a crema bordeaux-my question is: Do I need to get the matching granite backsplash or do I just leave the travertine tile acting as a wall backsplash? someone told me that if I already have the travertine walls, why do I also need a granite backsplash at the back and side of the countertop. Will it look nicer if I have the granite backsplash and the travertine behind it?

3)I want to tile the shower ceiling in travertine too-the shower is not an enclosure(I am installing a frameless shower glass door) and the rest of the bathroom ceiling is going to be painted-I need some ideas as of how to finish the tile border-do you leave it alone?, do you paint the edge the same colour as the rest of the ceiling, do you put a metalic/plastic trim?

Sorry for the lengthy message! thank you!

Here is a link that might be useful: oval trim

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