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Don't care for our Toto Acquia toiler or S300 washlet

11 years ago

When we remodeled, I really wanted a washlet. Then we let the decision drift and suddenly found we had to buy in a hurry. I loved the INAX I had seen at one place, but it was $5K for that particular system and with no time to do extensive research, we went for the well-known and somewhat cheaper Toto Aquia toilet and the S300 washlet.

On the good side, we like the dual flush function that allows you to choose whether you want a "big" or a "small" flush (1.6 or 1.2 gallons per flush). And we like that that Aquia fits well in our rather limited space.

What I don't like about the Aquia is the the "big" flush is simply not strong enough to wash out the residue that sometimes clings to the sides. Multiple flushes don't help. I have to scrub the toilet every day or two to keep it looking clean. We have not had this problem with any other toilet, including a 1.6 gpf one that we bought a few years ago. I suspect the problem may lie in the shape of the inside of this toilet and the way the water is directed into it.

We chose the S300 washlet for the combination of features and not-too-exhorbitant price, but there are a couple of things I really dislike about it. The main one is that the spray is just too far back. There is a "back" spray option and a "front" spray option, and even the front option is so far back that it requires toilet gymnastics to get the spray to the desired area. (If you do a search of reviews of this washlet, you will find other people making this complaint.) It's hard for me to believe they made a washlet wish this problem, but there don't appear to be any adjustments to improve the situation.

There are two other things I don't like about this washlet First, the clanky mechanical sounds that it makes when you sit on it and it activate (wish there were a convenient "hold" button to turn that off). Actually, you get used to the sound, but in the quiet middle of the night it can still be pretty jarring. Second, and more importantly perhaps, I don't like the narrowness of the stream. You can adjust the amount of pressure but not the breadth, so it's like a jet of water aimed at your privates rather than a fountain. I just don't find this as pleasant as I'd expected.

Anyway, it's not exactly a hardship to live with these fixtures. Having a washlet is DEFINITELY worth it -- I find myself reaching for washlets on toilets that don't have them! And the warm seat is very nice. I would just recommend looking around a little more before you buy.

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