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36" Bluestar with 42" 600 CFM Rangecraft Hood

10 years ago

Good morning all, I am about to purchase a 36" Bluestar RNB 6-burner range. I've been looking for a hood and have the oppurtunity to purchase a 42" wide 24" deep Rangecraft wall mount hood with a 600 CFM motor at a substantial discount. The only catch is the the hood would need to be mounted 35" above the cooking surface. Rangecraft says their hood can be as high at 36" so it should work fine, but I've been reading on here the it really should be closer to 30". Does anyone have any thoughts on this? The largest ductwork I can accomadate is 8" round so I am a bit limited on the maximum CFM I can reasonably have. I'm kind of thinking the large caputure area of the hood may make up for the height and lower CFM. Thoughts?

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