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Front door choice for a painted door

Betsey Thompson
9 years ago

We are doing an extensive remodel of our home and are ready to choose a front door. Our house is a rambling Cape Cod style with Hardie shakes on the front and the balance is smooth Hardie plank.

In my minds eye, the door is a painted door, either black or some medium green color. Our contractor thinks a mahogany door would be better, because we have a mahogany deck in the front with columns. I guess the way I see it, antique houses typically have painted doors, and we are going for that look. Also, I know I like change, a painted door gives me the option of changing the color every several years if I'm so inclined. The cost of a mahogany door would be far more than the cost of the painted door, as well, and I just think I prefer some color on the door.

In choosing a door, my question is should I go with an all wood door like Simpson, or should I go for a door that is made up of thin strips of wood? I know that primed doors are usually made up of small strips to avoid warping.

One thing that is important to me is that when the door is open and you are looking at the side where the lock comes out, I want that to be smooth and to look like the whole door is solid.

I have attached photographs, including a photograph of a window. Two windows just like the one in the photograph will be flanking the door as sidelights.

Thanks for input and advice!

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