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(Bill) Subway tile/ shower installation... problem after problem

12 years ago

We are restoring an old house, a real labor of love as we are doing so much ourselves, but we did hire a tile company to purchase the tile and have the tile installed. (no pictures yet)

Anyway, we were giving a quote by the owner, which we felt was fair. It is a good, reputable company in our area, and I just didn't have time to price it out to a bunch of companies and the first company come and measure, spent a few hours going over the bathroom(s) but never gave us a quote or returned our phone calls, so it made our decision easy, and we felt good about the price.

New designer/salesman came on board a week after we agreed to the price (with the owner). He spent way too long going over everything, (about 2 1/2 weeks, with visits to our home a few times a week!) He often mix things up, but we finally got it squared away (with one mistake we let go). He came back with a price like $5000 more than our already agreed price, and the owner was out of the area! Owner came back, and and honored the quote giving. Sigh of relief.. we could finally move forward! Long story short - the salesman wasted a lot of time - going over and over the same stuff. Being new, I'm sure he didn't want to make a mistake... but when we finally get around to signing contract - we find out the tile is made to order - another 4-6 weeks of waiting!

Okay, they send their best independent sub to do our bathrooms. Super nice guy, easy to work with... but DH first questions him in regards to not having a vapor barrier behind the hardie backer. he assures us there is no need, he always builds them without a barrier. Okay, DH figures it is new stuff, and improved. Reading some tonight.. I'm concerned!

Tile setter works on installing backer boards since we have no tile. He works maybe 5-6 hours a few days and the bathrooms are ready - minus the shower pans (2).

Tile finally arrives, but he is leaving in a week for vacation, so he tiles 2 floors (Hexagon on a sheet, small bathrooms) plus tiles a tub surround. He really seemed to be taking his time, not working at the site for more than 5-6 house. After this, he leaves on vacation and is gone for a week. Once he returns, the salesman and him are at odds with each other. I can feel the tension. Salesman is not happy with the amount of work he has completed, and he is saying that the salesman didn't tell him the bathrooms were 3 x 6 subway tile. He has other jobs that are now pressing and he is overwhelmed by our project, and said he isn't making a penny on the job. He hired a man to assist him and made the tile company get another tiler in to help with the 2 remaining bathrooms (5 x 8 bathrooms). I'm concerned now, because he just wants to get the job done, and DH said he never saw his technique done before.

Our bathroom has an old vintage tub, and the wall is tiled along with a chair-rail - about 30" or so. This wall tile will go on the remaining walls, around the toilet, inside the shower on the lower half, and on the upper half of the shower will be smaller subway tile (on a sheet). He started the walls on Monday, starting around the tub from the top down. I would have thought he would start from the tub up? As it is.. the tile that touches the tub is in a full size, and had to be cut down. In the shower, it now ends up that the top tile, that touches the ceiling is a silver.. about 3/4" . Is this the correct way? The 2nd tile installer, in a different bath, started from the bottom of the tub, and he ended up it a small silver of tile.. probably 1/2". At this point, it looks okay to me, I wouldn't make a fuss of it, but I'm just wondering.. looking for reassurance! Oh, BTW - the Masterbath cost about $6,600 for the tiling... doesn't sound like he is making nothing off the job. The tile is cheap - dal-tile subway and a small amount of hexagons.

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