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Edge where beadboard and tile meet?

12 years ago

I've been reading posts on this board for several months and am now at a point where I need your help!

I'm planning to have beadboard on the bottom half of my bathroom walls with plain chair rail across the top. We have a standard tub and are tiling to ceiling using subways on the three walls surrounding the tub.

Problem is what to do where the walls with beadboard meet the walls that are fully tiled in the tub/shower area?

On the outside corner: The tile guy wants to set the bullnose on the shower wall 1/8" over the edge so that the beadboard on the adjoining wall butts up to it. Will this work? We're trying to avoid a raw beadboard edge.

Then, becuase the bullnose on the shower wall will jut out all the way up to the ceiling, he suggests running bullnose tile on the beadboard wall - starting above the horizontal trim piece and running up to the ceiling. I think this sounds odd because on that wall we'll have bullnose tile ceiling to the chair rail, then beadboard only from chair rail down.

We have the same problem on the back wall. Tiler is planning to run bullnose tile floor to ceiling, but that does not make for good transition to beadboard.

Give me your advice please!!!

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