New toilet leaking?

8 years ago

Thought my project was finished, but now I see marks on the floor next to the toilet that suggest it's leaking.

I had problems fitting it, the flange was broken, and also crooked. I used a repair ring over it, and it sat nice and firm, but this leak is just the last straw...

With the repair ring, it's now quite high, especially on the high side of the flange. I thought I was okay since the toilet seated on the floor all right, but this mark (a pee mark off to the side of the toilet, people living in the house didn't mention it, but I saw it.)

So I'm not going to feel comfortable until I remove the thing and see what's what.

Flange sits above a concrete basement floor, more or less without gap on one side, a fair amount of gap under the flange on the other. I did put silicone under the repair ring but it didn't sit all that well on the flange, but it was as good as I could get it to sit - didn't have a lot of time to choose repair flanges, I literally got into Home Depot a few minutes before closing on a Sunday night.

I assume the only way to be sure is to replace the flange?

Would an extra height wax ring help? Bear in mind the top of the flange sticks up a fair bit, quite a bit on the high side. I assume the taller wax ring just squishes more wax around the thing, hopefully sealing it.

Am I going to have to replace the flange, and if so, how can I be sure it's going to sit any flatter? I assume the elbow within the floor is crooked, so is there some sort of shallow repair flange that's going to nestle in there with some wiggle room, and, presumably, some sort of seal?

Presumably you use a dremel-type inside pipe cutter, and hammer drill away some concrete? Bathroom is all nice and new, so I'd like to avoid messing things up. Flooring is vinyl.

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