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Am I missing anything? meeting with electrician tomorrow

12 years ago

I've compiled a list of ideas from this forum over the years for electrical wants/needs. Forgive me if some don't make sense, they were copied directly from previous posts. Add any ideas you may have & let me know if there are any in the list that you find really unnecessary. Sorry for the repeats, there are quite a few.

-Attic fan & whole house fan

-outdoor speakers

-outdoor uplight landscaping lights;

-outlets placed in the floor of my family room so I could have a light placed behind the sofa on my sofa table;

-all four corners of the home with motion sensor lighting; connected to both back doors and master bedroom as well as front door sconces

-TV/Cable/internet in my kitchen; under cabinet tv

-low voltage-xenon under cabinet lighting wired to switch on dimmer

-wire for outlets above cabinet for rope lighting connected to a switch in kitchen

-a lot of 4 light switches/switch plates for almost all my rooms so I could add something!

-carbon monoxide sensors

-surround sound in rec room & playroom

-Place outlets in my mantle

-Wired for Cat 7 whole house audio.

-We knew in advance where we were planning to hang the plasma televisions, so we wired the wall where they were hang so there wouldn't be any visible wires.

-Outside outlets

-outlets inside bathroom cabinets such that hair dryers can be plugged in and placed inside a drawer rather than being draped over the countertops.

-'boogie-man' lights switch and switch to room lights by the bed

-outlets on either side of the front door for Christmas decorations wired to interior switch

-outlets in ceiling of porch above pillars for decorations

-switch for gas fireplace starter

-Outlets under roof eaves/soffits for Christmas lights wired to one switch inside foyer closet

-Outlets under inside of windows for 'candle' lights

(and place them on switches as well).

-Where are you going to put your Christmas tree?

Place an outlet in that corner controlled by a switch!

-Place an outlet at front of the side base for a lighted garland up the staircase.

-Place outlets on every exterior wall for landscape lighting or yard work.

-Several outlets in walk-in pantry

-Outlets on both ends of island

-Place an outlet adjacent to telephone jacks for cordless telephone base.

-GFI outlet under the sink for the instant hot water dispenser and garbage disposal

-If you are putting in a security system or intercom

(or are just pre-wiring), be sure to provide

electrical service to these areas.

-Light switch in hall, etc. for attic

-For furniture placed in the middle of a room,

place outlets and fixtures directly above or below exact location.

-Place outlets in convenient locations at bathroom vanity  inside drawers for razor, electric toothbrush, hairdryer

-For a home office, fully consider computer, scanner, printer, answering machine, lamps, chargers, radios...need I say more?

-Do you need a plug-in for a laptop computer? Where?

-Where your TV is located, don't forget the DVD, VCR, CD...

-what else did I forget?...oh, yeah...satellite receiver? Dvd and all other peripherals in cabinet and wired to tv

-In a bedroom, don't underestimate the number of plug-ins at your bed stand: alarm clock, cordless phone, lamps. A quad outlet may be needed. Put outlets on opposite walls too in case room is changed around.

-Add outlets in exercise room  closet for treadmill & elliptical

-Wire for flat screen tv in exercise room

-Remember that your dishwasher also needs an undersink (usually) plug, so you might want a 4 receptacle outlet -- of course, GFCI.

-dimmers on every entry point to kitchen, living, rec, foyer and mud

-Quad outlets in study for printer/wireless router/etc. and kitchen

-Outside closet light switches.

-I think running 3/4" or 1" PVC conduit for comm wiring is probably the smartest thing to do. That way, you're pretty much ready for anything that the future throws at us.

-Floor outlets in middle of family room

-Dedicated circuit? Outlet in master closet for ironing and outlet for charging cell phones

-Step lights on front porch, up stairs and in area under stairs

-put a motion sensor on the wall next to the door to the deck so we can carry stuff out there from the kitchen and the lights will go on automatically.

-lights for our deck along the top rail

-rope lights under bathroom vanities

-lighting for backyard

-outlets for cable and electric behind the tv

-sconces next to entry to study and family room, sconces in hallways - upstairs and on sides of mirrors in bathroom

-quad outlets rated for 20A in front storage area for air compressor, etc.

-wire for lighting in storage area

-interior switch to exterior outlets

-light in area under stairs

-run 2 inch pvc pipe from attic to first floor/crawl space for future wiring purposes

-bedside lamps wired to switch

-outlet and gfci outlet for future bar area near kitchen

-make sure all outdoor lights arenÂt only on one switch so they can also be turned on individually instead of lighting up the entire outside when not necessary

-outlets in storage area set at 4ft height

-switch for lights above island on the island

My kids have closets with bifold I need a light in those closets?

Rope lights under vanity? How do you feel about them? Just for the kids' bathroom if at all?

I know I'll forget something, but I'm waaaaay better off than I would have been if I didn't have GW.

Thanks in advance!


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