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Capital Culinarian Owners - Please clarify hood height question

11 years ago

Hi Everyone,

I had posted a question a few weeks back concerning the size of the hood I should be getting for my 48" Capital Culinarian - 6 burner + grill, to make sure it would take care of all the smoke and not have smoke alarm go off on us. We are going to be using a Best 1500CFM fan with remote blower (it is a PIK33 - 33 3/4" x 18 7/16") which will fit into the hood we are having made.

I got back several wonderful responses - thank you - I still need some help.I hope I can describe problem clearly:

The concensus from the posts was that a 54"x27" hood would be the best to make sure we would clear all the smoke from the grilling. This would be simple if we were using a metal hood that had those dimentions; but we are using a hood that will match our cabinets. I have requested that the opening of box of the hood (wood as the cabinets) be 54" wide and 27" deep; the problem is that there is moulding/shelf that protrudes about another 5-6" from the front of the hood - this would be a total of 32" while the stove only comes out about 28"! I don't think this would look right, be comfortable to cook under or safe (hit hubby hit head). I believe the opening of the hood itself needs the 27x54" dimensions to capture the smoke and direct it to the fan, not that the finished hood including mouldings be those dimensions which would then only have an actual opening of 54"x 21" - correct? Please explain so I can understand how to have it made.

Also, I have read that Trevor recommends putting the height of the bottom of the hood at 30" high. We plan on putting ours 32", since my husband is fairly tall. Even going the extra couple of inches in height, if the hood+mouldng/shelf comes out this far, I don't think it would look right and possibly have him hit his head.

I am sure that there must be many CC owners that have opted for a wooden hood. How did you have yours made and how do you find it is working for you?

I have cabinets all figured out and ready to order, purhased the appliances, etc. out but am stuck on the hood! Thanks for any advice you can give.

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