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Off-Centered Bay Window Seat Concern - Newbie's 1st Question

16 years ago

I've spent much of the summer designing the layout of what will be our new home - whenever I could pull myself away from this site, that is! (Have learned tons, by the way.) Picked up the blueprints today and am thrilled except for this one issue. We have stacked bay windows - one in the kitchen which will house a banquette for the breakfast table and one in an upstairs bedroom which will become a window seat. I had asked that in the bedroom the bay be centered as it will span 8 feet and that room is only 11 feet wide. The problem is that my drafter placed the bay off-center in that room with one foot of wall space to the right and two feet to the left. She said she wanted to give me more counter/cabinet space in the kitchen below (not a concern to me as the kitchen's quite large) and that the window seat in the bedroom won't look odd even though it's not in center of the wall. Do you all agree or should I ask her to push it over 6 inches? I wouldn't be so concerned if the room was wider, I'm just worried that there will be so little wall space on each side that it will jump out as being misplaced. I've obsessed over the layout and had it just right, so-I-thought, which is probably the real reason this is bothering me.

Looking forward, with appreciation, to your feedback.

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