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Bill or Mongo, could you explain glass shower door installation?

13 years ago

Hey guys, in light of my pending 2nd bath gut...and ladycfp's curb/shower glass nightmare, I was wondering if you could fill in some blanks on shower doors/glass and how they relate to tile and Kerdi?

On this new bath there will be no tub, so I want to get this right from the jump. I guess I'm most confused at the junction of where the glass meets the curb. In the last bath I did, the glass doors original to the 50's were screwed into the sides and siliconed/caulked at the edge of the tub. I may have missed something, but it seems like some people have some type of track or "u" channel screwed into the curb in which the glass panel then sits. It seems like those installs can lead to trouble.

I haven't decided if I'll go framed or frameless, so if you could cover both that would be great.

Is it prudent to ask the glass place for their preferred installation method, or is there only one? I'll be doing everything short of moving DVW(that's why plumbers were invented), so whatever they need I'll do.

Bill, I liked your idea of a solid surface for the curb top...what is your preferred material (figuring marble)and where would you get it (a referral in CT would really be appreciated)?

One last selfish either of you have a glass guy here in beautifully grey CT...I'm in Woodbridge?

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