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Another question on labor costs of installing small tile (PIC)

14 years ago


I read with interest a recent post on this subject, where Bill and Shaughn disagreed slightly over whether there is more labor involved in installing small mosaic tiles.

I am looking at the Glace penny tiles by Ann Sacks. When I brought the samples to my contractor (who I like and trust very much), he said that the tiles weren't "clean" and that it would be a very big job to get them installed evenly. He said that he would likely have to take them off the sheet. The samples *do* seem uneven to me and so I tend to think he's right. I don't want to have the installation turn into amn expensive nightmare and so I may look at something else. Could someone take a look at these pictures and give me your thoughts? If he is right, are there other kinds of penny tiles that are generally considered easier to install (ceramic?)

Thanks so much.


Here is a link that might be useful: Ann Sacks penny tile samples

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