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Which 3000 sq ft 2 level plan would you rather live in?

11 years ago

Hi all,

I really hope you can help me decide on a plan. We are a very early 40's couple with an 11 year old son and 2 year old daughter. We are moving from the big city to the country (not farm country though, just 40 min outside the city) and will be building on 3/4 of an acre of land. We are building a 2 story with a master upstairs to be close to the kids. We live in a snow zone and the back yard facing south to maximize light and heat for winter.

Must have's:

1. A winter sunroom � to see sun when we can and have a private more adult area on the main level. Sunroom must not block any of the south facing windows in either great room or kitchen, so must be off to the side.

2. A screened in porch � plenty of bugs in the country, so this is a must for the summer. Also I do not want a screened in porch to block any of my southern windows as I love bright spaces, so must be off to the side.

3. Plenty of windows and be a bright sunny house

4. Wood burning fireplace in the great room

5. No formal dining room - a waste of space for us, we are very informal people and don't want 2 tables

6. Laundry on 2nd level off master WIC ideally, and good sized mud room on main level.

7. Garage on side of house, not in front of house. My land unfortunately gently slopes UP toward's the backyard so positioning the garage as front facing would likely mean having it at a lower elevation and thus climbing a lot of stairs to get into the house, which we don�t want (this "may" be our forever home).

8. Bonus area on 2nd level.

9. Minimized number of structural posts - I would eliminate them as much as I could!

Flexible things:

Whether the kitchen island faces the great room or the dining area. Not sure which I prefer.

Note: I really want the house to have special places and not just look like a regular suburban home if I can. But I am also on a budget. We can't afford really high end architectural features (barrel ceilings, 10 ft coffered etc). We can't do vaults due to the 2nd level and I like the cozy feeling of 9 ft ceilings anyway (and have heard the difficulties with 2 story great rooms). Even just having angled walls or bay windows would help to make it a little special.

I have pulled 2 plans (out of 100's I looked at) because they have side facing "study's" that can be turned into the sunroom and the "dining room's" turned into the office, and side facing screened in porch rooms. Garages I can modify. I am willing to do a fair bit of modifications. I need to adjust room sizes on both plans as I would like a great room to be in the 18 x 20 ft or there abouts. I would not do a 2 sided wood fireplace in either plan I don�t think as that will roast the little sunroom. Or maybe I'm wrong??

Which plan do you think has more potential? Thank you in advance to all who answer!!

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