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Trash can placement in bathroom with toilet closet

10 years ago

Anyone seen or have a good idea for a spot for the trash can when the toilet is in its own closet? We have this design currently, and are thinking of building a new place, and would likely have the toilet in its own closet too. In other places I lived, I always shimmied the trash an between the toilet and cabinets, but that wouldn't be convenient if the toilet was behind a door. Now we just have it sitting there in the open - or rather, it's propped up on the jacuzzi tub next to the shower since I don't want my little kids going through it.

I want it more or less to be "open top" meaning, I don't think id like to have to open a cabinet to throw away trash (like in the kitchen) because hubby is really just too lazy to do this all the time (seriously, that's why we don't use the step open lid type). I'm thinking maybe something like having a vanity sitting area, and then tucking the trash can under there along with a stool, though a vanity is really a bit overkill for me (I doubt I'd really get much use out of it). Other thought is just having a cut out in the cabinets, finished with the cabinet wall sides, but I don't know if this would look weird (maybe do that and plan to put a door on it when we sell?)

Any suggestions?

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