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Do you have or know about wood/butcher block countertop around ra

11 years ago


I already posted this question in kitchens, but am still hoping for more info or personal experience from some GWers. I hope it's okay to repost here in appliances:

Does anyone have or know about wood/butcher block countertops around the range or cooktop? Are there guidelines as far as wood countertops installed around gas ranges or cooktops?

I see it done all of the time in many GWers gorgeous photos, but are people first installing something like cement backer board for safety?

My countertop guy is hesitant to install a wood countertop around a Wolf/Viking range because of the high BTU burners...he feels it's a fire hazard, and also questions whether the wood will become cracked or damaged from the heat.


Grateful for your advice. Thanks!

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