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What's Up with Faulty Thermador Control Panel???

14 years ago

My 3 year old 36 inch Thermador gas oven is not working, again. Oven temp was off by 100 degrees, so authorized repair company tells me I need a new control panel, because "Thermador tried to get away with a "one-size-fits-all" unit and they weren't working." And, of course, Thermador was back-ordered on these panels.

It finally came in and was installed Friday. Now the oven doesn't work at all. Turned it on to 350, and it shot up to 500, and was headed toward oven-clean temps. The external gauge didn't work at all, but when I turned the oven off, it kicked into action and spun all the way around to "clean." The blue "heating" light blinks on and off randomly, whether on or off. It seemed to work properly right after the unit was installed. Sorry this is so long - is anybody else dealing with this? Advice?