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Removing concrete floor in very old bathroom

14 years ago

I recently purchased an old brick home with tons of character. That's a nice way to put it. My soon to be wife wants a new floor in the bathroom and didn't care much for the green toilet.

So I tear out three tile floors to get to six inches of concrete. I've removed almost all of concrete and I see some of these joist are notched down below the level I want the floor. My question is if I sister these joist and try to make the floor level, will the floor be supported properly if the sister joist are a little above the tops of some of the joist but not all? I hope that question makes sense. Also, what size board should I use to sister.

One more thought, I've read a lot of post re: bath floors and what is the order from bottom to top, ply? then paper? then what quick set? what? The walls are Vitrolite which is ok and we are trying to keep the house true to the time so I want to keep it. Should the floor tile be set under or level to bottom of border. I've never tiled please

Thank You

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