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Futuro Futuro vs. Kobe range hoods

14 years ago

Hello everyone,

I need advice on a 30" range hood and have narrowed the choices down to two: the Futuro Futuro Moon Crystal, at, or the Kobe CX1830GS-8, at This is for a 30" Bosch electric cooktop. Which hood would you recommend?

The Moon Crystal generates a maximum of 3.2 sones while the Kobe generates a maximum of 2.8. Is this a significant difference? What do they translate to in terms of decibels?

I understand the Moon Crystal moves 940 CFM. Is this power really necessary for our cooktop? And is this why the Moon Crystal costs $1295 while the Kobe costs about $828, or is there also a disparity in quality and workmanship?

Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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