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30 inch vs 36 inch range

13 years ago

Hi. Thought I was in home stretch.... Re-doing galley kitchen. Plan was for 36" range. GC made mistake - he admits it - and built cabinets for 30" range. I said OK, 30" easier to find/afford. Got great KA range and slide out hood (thank you to this forum). Now, I think it looks cramped. Flanked by upper and lower 15 " cabinets. GC will make adjustments now, which will cost less than in future. I can : 1) leave it 2)leave stove and get 36" hood (making the eupper cabinets 3 inches narrower than lower cabinets), or 3)bite bullet and re-do all. Someone suggested that because this is a family size house in a decent neighborhood, having a 30" stove may hurt re-sale, mother will say, "I need more space". Houses here are mainly nice/modest ranch houses with some upgrades. Even though I am not anywhere near wealthy, I don't want to be penny-wise, pound foolish. Thanks.

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