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Rain Shower Head & Body Sprayer Newbie

8 years ago

I am in the middle of a master bathroom renovation and I need advice with a rain shower head and body sprayers. I think part of my problem is I am getting incorrect advice from the 2 different sales consultants that I were recommended by my contractor.

The shower is 73"L X 43"W with a complete glass enclosure except for the back wall which is a half wall with a bench. We decided on a rain shower but not sure the size or the style. Both consultants recommended a 10" rain shower head but it appears too small. I am a "go big or go home" type of guy so I am leaning towards a 12-14" rain head but not sure if that is too big for the space. I was planning to have this installed straight out of the wall vs. directly down from the ceiling as it allows me to replace the head and go back to a traditional shower head if desired. I am planning to have a shower head on a slider bar as well. Also, I was told that there are only two styles (thin disc type shape and a thicker disc type shape that has more pressure) that have distinct expriences mainly pressure related. Also, I would like to install body sprayers but not sure where to begin. How can one decide what they want without trying them? It seems like every manufacturer has at least one or more sprayers with different patterns. First, how many body sprayers? Where should they be aimed? Should they all be the same type? Flush mount? Any concerns about cleaning or just use a scrub brush? How to consider water pressure? I have a 12 year old house and I assume 1/2" piping. My contractor told me not to worry as a lot of people install body sprayers and they all aren't upgrading to 3/4" water. Lastly, I have a Rheem 50GAL water heater and not looking to upgrade as it is brand new.

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