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Oh tile gurus, please help me figure out how much tile to order!

11 years ago

I know that I should be able to get help on this from my tilesetter but he is out of town and we've just finalized our tile layout. I'm really hoping to have my materials here when he returns so that he can start on our project first.

Here is the most recent layout that I have. A few modifications happened during construction but nothing that would substantially alter tile quantities.

We plan to go with 18 x 18's on the diagonal for the entire floor, including the lavatory. We plan to tile underneath all three vanities as well as under the built-in areas at either end of the tub deck which are approximately 18" x 49".

Both the shower floor and ceiling will be tiled in 4 x 4's on the diagonal.

The walls of the shower will have six rows of 12 x 18's set horizontally. Below the top row of 12 x 18's will be an inset of three rows of diagonal 4 x 4's with a narrow 1/2 round at the top and bottom.

This photo of tiles laid out on my floor may help visualize this:

This is a closer view of the inset on the shower walls:

You may notice that I'm also using travertine base molding and deco accents. Figuring out the base is straightforward but I haven't yet been able to decide how many decos to order. My first priority is to tally up what's needed in my porcelain tile, then I'll try to wrap my brain around that question.

The tile supplier will accept returns on any unopened boxes (less a 20% restocking fee) so I'd like to err on the side of caution and order more than I would need.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. For some reason, I seem to be paralyzed by this process.


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