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Medicine Cabinet Options for 30" vanity: What would you pick?

11 years ago

We selected the pictured Strasser vanity in a 30" width for our small bath remodel. We're struggling with last minute decisions about the medicine cabinet.

Strasser offers the following matching medicine cabinet options:

1) 24"W x 27"H surface mount

2) 19"W x 27"H surface mount

3) 20"W x 31"H recessed

4) 15 1/4"W x 31"H recessed

We really wanted to go recessed, but the matching recessed sizes seem awkward (does the 20" x 31" seem too tall?) The best size option seems to be the first one. Is a surface mount medicine cabinet "bulky" in a small bathroom? Should that be avoided?

Another option would be a 20"W x 26"H frameless Kohler. The look we're going for is similar to the bathroom pictured, so wasn't sure if frameless would be too modern, etc. Thoughts on the best option?

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