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BlueStar Cooktop and Ovens - NEW thread

15 years ago

Since BlueStar 24 thread started in Feb, here's to a new one.

pretty sure a BluStar 36" cooktop is the right upgrade in a NE rural country cottage.

1) Seems that 6 burners is more practical than grill?

(I love havg 5 burners on my not-so-great Thermador drop in unit in Manhattan...and often use 5... but moreover the way it lets you space out larger pots).

2) Wd a BS propane version perfrm as well as natl gas?

3) any suggested vendors for RI or Southeastern Mass (Attleboro) or quiet corner CT (Pomfret/Danielson/ Putnam)

PS I read Blue STar 24 thread and a couple of older ones in entirety. and thank you all for generous sharing.

PPS may b this isn't the best thread to ask:

4) any one installed the new BS 30" oven???

by way of backgrd:

had actually preselected DCS 2 yrs back (this renovation is delayed!!!) b/c of the infrared broiler + convection features. But maybe that is not the best brand...seems that an odd assortment of vendors carry it

Am ok with having elect oven (espec for the cleaning cycle) tho' i like gas in general. Not a master baker so dont know if elec v gas is a factor for that. Gas of course lets you broil in the old fashioned way.

posted by: bicoastal on 09.25.2007 at 10:19 pm in Appliances Forum

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