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GE Profile Spacemaker II Microwave

14 years ago

Sorry if this is a repeat question. I have searched the forum and couldn't find any questions abotu this MW.

We have a over-the-counter shelf which is designed to hold a MW. The frustrating part is that the dimensions of that shelf seem to be odd (14" H X 17" D X 26-3/4" W). Of the 17 inches in depth, only 12" is covered on the side. I haev searched and searched and couldn't find a decent SS MW that would fit these dimensions. Looks like GE Profile Spacemaker is the only thing that will fit ok in this space (11-3/4" H X 12" D X 24" W). Does anyone have this MW and do you like it? Any positive/negative feedback?

Any other MW suggestions that might fit the dimensions I have?


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