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Moved in now, but our new deck is racking a lot! Advice, please?

15 years ago

Hi, everyone -- We're moved into our newly-built house now; no pix yet, just boxes everywhere. Finally got the computer hooked up, so I'll be able to see how you all are doing!

Our GC built a deck along with the house. It has a concrete patio underneath. The deck has 2 problems we can see: (1) It racks quite a bit (and we're in a VERY high wind area), and (2) where we asked the GC to extend the patio and deck it appears he didn't put in any footings.

GC is out of town, we want to know what to require of him when he returns. Here are the specs:

The deck is 12x24, made of Lowe's Trex-type decking. It has a railing of the same material.

The deck is supported by 3 4x4's which are 8' 4" high. They rest on the concrete patio below. The joists underneath are 2x8' timbers, 16" on center, with joist hangers at the house end and lag bolts every 48". When the landscaping was put in, a hole appeared under one of the 4x4 timbers; there appear to be no caissons or footings under these timbers or under the patio where the GC extended it. (Patio and deck were originally 8x22 and we extended it to 12x24.)

Can you give us advice on what needs to be done to:

1. Stop the racking. We have a superb view and would like to obstruct it the least we can.

2. What is the easiest and least expensive way to get caissons or footings under the support 4x4's? We think this is probably on fill dirt, although there's rock not far under the surface.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can give.

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