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Anyone one have Americh Madison bathtub?

11 years ago

We are at the point of needing to order the bathtub for our remodeled master bathroom. This is going to be a shower-over-tub -- a separate shower didn't fit into our space restrictions. We are getting just a soaking tub, no spa jets.

We want a tub that's deep enough to soak in, so we have to balance the depth of the tub with its overall height, since we will frequently be stepping in and out for showers.

We've settled on the Americh Madison, which is a pretty decent 15.5" deep to the bottom of the overflow drain but still a manageable 22" in overall height. We've also settled on a 66" length. Now we need to decide between the 36" width and the 34" width.

The Madison has arm rests,a feature we wanted, which makes the interior narrower than otherwise expected. By our actual measurement in the showroom, the 36" model is 22" wide across the bottom. According to the spec sheet, the 34" model is only 18" wide at the bottom. We don't want to make an expensive mistake by ordering an uncomfortably narrow tub. There was nothing comparable in the showroom in which to sit.

The 36" wide tub felt a trifle wider than ideal to me to use the armrests (I'm only 5'2"), but we wonder if the 34" tub might feel cramped. My husband says he is okay with the choice either way. Neither of us is very big (height or width), but of course the tub should be comfortable for guests, too.

Does anyone by any chance have exactly this model, Americh Madison 66x34, that you use frequently for bathing? If so, I would love to know your impression of the width. Thanks!

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