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lighting scheme assistance for 13x6.5' bathroom

14 years ago

Now that I have my contractor squared away, I need to decide on a lighting layout. The room is 13 x 6.5, with the entrance on the short wall. Layout will be:

48" (or so...maybe all the way up to 55"?) single sink furniture-style RH knockoff washstand vanity, then toilet, then tub/shower at the back of the room. So the tub/shower is perpendicular to the toilet and vanity. I envision the vanity being 12-18" into the room off the entrance wall, if that makes sense. Here is a quick eyeball diagram (thanks, MSPaint!)

The rectangle in the upper right next to the tub represents a very small double-decker closet I plan to put in. Or it might be open shelving. We'll see.

I'm thinking sconces on either side of a mirror above the vanity, and a light in the shower, but I feel this isn't enough light for the space -- a recessed can or two in the middle of the room in the toilet space, maybe? Will cans look horrible? Flushmount in the center of the room, or pendant, or two pendants? Is one light in the tub/shower enough (60x32)?

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