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Help point me towards a counter-depth refrigerator

9 years ago

I want to choose a refrigerator in case mine dies. Planning on redoing our tiny kitchen next year, but the size really won't change.
Current fridge is 24.5 deep (w/o doors), 32 wide, 65.75 high. All new dimensions are possible as long as counter-depth is maintained.

Need: counter depth and has french doors. This will help maximize our 28" wide aisle in our galley kitchen.

Consideration: I had wanted the narrowest, french-door, counter depth fridge possible....but in reality, they are almost all 36" wide. Should I just figure out how to deal with the increase from our current 32" wide to a 34" wide? It's not really that much of an increase although our 7ft x 10ft kitchen needs every inch possible.

Husband wants: water and ice

Question: Do I need to steer him away from water/ice because of the risk of leaking?

Question: If we have water/ice should we try for ice in freezer and exterior or interior water dispenser?

Budget: Under $3000

Previously, I had a KitchenAid 72" high counter-depth fridge lined up as our replacement.

Does anyone in this helpful group have a fridge to point me towards?

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