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Kohler Whirlpool - cast iron or acrylic?

12 years ago

I am wondering whether there is a real advantage to have a cast iron whirlpool (looking at Kohler's Tea for Two) rather than an acrylic one. In the past we had a regular cast iron tub - loved it. Then we moved - and installed an acrylic whirlpool bath (Kohler). Overall it is OK - but...the water gets cold very quickly, unless the heater is on and at times when you move in it the tub "makes funky noises" (the kind of noise you associated with plastic not steel flexing or bending). We are remodeling so now is the time to pull the trigger on the tub material.

Other than the obvious differences - cost, installation ease, and sheer weight - does anyone have any comments on the two materials that point to clear advantage of one over the other?

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