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Need to replace 30' Bluestar - HELP!

12 years ago

My 30" Bluestar RNB range delivered August 2007 finally bit the dust by blowing flames out the closed oven door last Friday about ten minutes into a 400 degrees preheat (there was nothing in the oven). After four wonderful years of cooking (when it worked) combined with four years of sheer misery (when it did not) I am now in the market for a replacement of approximate specs but I'm terrified.

Given that I don't want any sort of breakable electronic or computer control panel, any other sort of electronic controls, for the oven for example (other than igniters which I know perfectly well are going to be in a constant state of breakage) or dual anything my choices are rather limited.

I have seen the Berta and the Wolf. I'm not sure I'm ready to sink $4,500 into a range at this point (the insurance isn't going to cover quite that much) but the service complaints about the Berta, while not as numerous do rival the complaints about Bluestar service which was downright appalling.

What I don't know is what breaks and how often.

For a benchmark here is my history with Bluestar:

Seized up oven door three months after purchase that took 6 weeks to replace.

Beginning just over two years after receiving the range the electric OVEN igniter and safety valve (not the burners, those went fast and stayed broken) broke rendering the oven unusable until Bluestar could get parts shipped to the nearest service facility in Connecticut and continued to break every six months. This resulted in double service calls and fees the first two times until I finally just started self diagnosing the problem.

This happened three times. It wasn't until the third time that my husband managed to get someone from Bluestar to acknowledge that there might be something defective about the igniter and sent replacement parts without charge and paid for the service call.

Nine months after the third replacement flames came shooting out of the closed oven door nearly burning my house down. My ten year old daughter put her hand through the flames that were coming up over the front of the oven door and turned the gas off which is probably why I still have a house.

So I'm traumatized and looking for as much information, good and bad as I can get. I'm not looking for perfect by any means but I want to hear it all.

I would like a safe household appliance that will not cost me more to keep than the purchase price and I would hate to have to go back to the bad old days of the $500 - $800 replace every three years electric or even gas range that performs, well, like a $500 - $800 replace every three years�K ��

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