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Why get oven w/infrared broiler?

12 years ago

Hi all. Reader of this site for years. First time poster.

I am building an addition and plan to buy new appliances. I expect to buy an open-burner range or rangetop, most likely Capital Culinary but also considering Bluestar and the new Precision line by American Range.

What I'd like to know from owners of pro ranges is whether the infrared broilers are worth the extra money. I haven't found much info on this site about them.

My preference is for separate double wall ovens (so I don't have to bend), but the infrared broiler sounds appealing: High heat of 1500 to 1800 degrees to sear and crisp up steak and salmon likes it's done in restaurants. I've never been able to duplicate that on a regular stovetop or oven.

Still, is it worth a few thousand extra for that one feature? If not, I almost certainly would buy a separate double wall oven. (I do have a high-heat SS grill on the deck). Thanks.

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