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Help! Lippage and low grout acceptable?

9 years ago

After all the tiles were put down, I noticed some very bad lippage on about 10 tiles. Smaller lippage all over entire area. After discussion, the contractor popped out and reset about 20 planks due to very bad lippage. The contractor assured me once the grout was applied, the remaining lippage should not be a problem.

Now the grout was applied and waiting to be sealed. I can see there are still noticeable lippages everywhere. See pictures. The grout was applied pretty low along grout line. The sharp edges of rectified tiles, plus lippage hurt my feet when walked on it. The light of afternoon sun just made the lippage looked worse. I measured, now the remaining lippage heights are from credit card thickness to penny thickness, on both the long and short sides of the plank. The grout is about 0.035-0.05" low to the surface of the tiles.

At this point, are the low grout and lippage acceptable? Should I accept this kind of work? How could it be fixed, if could?

On top of those two problems, I found out that 25 tiles make hallow sounds when finger tapped. I could feel vibration from the tiles when tapping. The installer said they are caused by holes in mortar and is normal and will not cause tiles to crack. After talking to him, he is going to replace about 8 really bad loose tiles, but leave the rest of 17 tiles as it is because he thinks acceptable.

Background information: Installer put down about 600 sqt of large format 8x48 wood looking rectified tiles for livingroom and dinnering room. the tiles are well made by Elegaza Natura Wood, and imported from Italy, about $7 sqt.

I used Nature Wood - Miele 8x48
The installer is a licensed tile setter. The grout line are set to about 3/32 without using spacers. The subfloor was prepared with no any special treatment. Glue sealed large cracks. The rest, he just smoothed out the concrete.

Thank you very much for your opinions and suggestions.

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