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Foundation waterproofing as much as possible & superior walls exp

8 years ago

Hi everyone,

We are getting close to the production phase of our modular home here in Connecticut. We're currently doing extensive research on foundations and ways to be as waterproof/resistant as possible.

The building company has a site work company that they typically use and they have experience with Superior Walls and typical poured foundations. Our question in this post is two fold:

1. Do you have any exoerience with Superior Walls? Most of the reviews I've read are from installers who love the speed of installs. But since we're the future homeowners, what we care about is the strength and longterm durability and water resistance compared to typical poured foundations. Since we're getting close to winter, an advantage of Superior Walls is that install can be year round even if the ground is frozen.

2. If we go the poured concrete route, we want the basement to be as water resistant as possible. We want to go way overkill with every precaution possible to ensure no water problems. What are some options we should consider, and what things do we need to make sure the foundation company does that are required?

We are in Connecticut, the land has no wetlands, on 9.5 acres, and a gentle slope with the high side on the rear of the house. Front of the house will face north.

Thanks for any advice you can provide!

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