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Please help with lay-out of small bathroom -- I'm flummoxed!

11 years ago

Let me first say I'm a newbie, and I find I'm not good at visualizing how things will look, so any help you can give me I really appreciate.

This will be a new 3/4 bath, 8' 5" x 6' 11".

Set parameters:

1. The door will be on the right corner of one short wall, or slightly in from the corner.

2. There will be a 30" window somewhere on the opposite short wall; we prefer not to have the shower or the sink under the window.

3. The plumbing has to be either on the left long wall, or on the exterior short wall opposite the door, with the caveat it's a knee wall, so shower plumbing there would have to be exposed, or I suppose a low-set hand-held shower would work.

We'd like a comfortable-sized one-person shower (I've mocked it up with shower sizes ranging from 32" x 42" up to 36" x 48" or 40" x 42"). We do not need much storage as there's a large closet in the hall opposite, and we're not big "stuff" people. We have a vintage pedestal sink, 21" X 27", and will be buying a toilet, likely a 2-piece around 20" X 27".

If the shower is next to the window we'd probably like to have a half-glass wall to let the window light in.

Here are pictures of the configurations I've come up with but I'm open to any ideas. Thanks!




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