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Zephyr Hurricane or any other 30 hood range recommendations?

14 years ago

I have standard exhaust pipe for my future range hood. I was thinking about picking up Zephyr Hurricane 695CFM, which according to the manual should be fine for me.

I believe the unit has 3 speeds, and it lists 5.5 Sones. I was wondering what speeds at what noise level does it offers?

Is it something like 100CFM (0.9Sones), 300CFM(3.0Sones) and 695CFM (5.5Sones)?

I do a lot of cooking and I would like to buy a good quiet unit. I live in Canada so my choices are a little limited. I would like a unit with 400CFM+,(relatively quiet), it must be 30Â and stainless. Currently I own Broan and at its boost speed it generates 430CFM at 8.0Sones, which is very annoying and I would like something better for my new house.

How about Kobe brand?

Please advice.

Thank you ;-)

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